Questioning Klopp – big answers needed

Jurgen Klopp came out of Liverpool’s draw with Manchester United, with the belief that his side will be title challengers this season…but does the German coach really believe this? or is he just trying to paper over the ever widening cracks at the club.

Ahead of the game with United, it was quite predictable that Jose Mourinho would bring a defensive looking United to Anfield and was more than happy with a draw.

Klopp’s side rarely looked like scoring, but he insists that his team could not play the way United do, to keep everyone happy.

“They want to win the league and I am sure we couldn’t play like this in Liverpool after 125 years without the title. We cannot sit back and say ‘Let’s wait’ – that is not possible,” said Klopp.

But surely – the question should be, why don’t Liverpool play more like United – if they did then they would be challenging for the title, something which Liverpool won’t be this year.

Klopp is now in his third year in charge of Liverpool – plenty of time for anyone to build a side capable of challenging for the title, but are The Reds any closer to winning the title? Simple answer is no.

Klopp’s pig-headed approach to his belief that his system is the right way, means Liverpool are further away than they were under Brendan Rodgers.

The German’s side is pretty to watch, but is hugely dependent on Philippe Coutinho and Sadio Mane – those two players aside, and you have a very ordinary team.

But it is not hard to see Liverpool’s shortcomings – if they want to win the title; their goalkeeper is not good enough, their defence – especially centrally – is not good enough, and they are clearly missing an out-and-out striker.

Klopp was quick to criticise Jose Mourinho, but look what he did in the summer – they needed another striker, a ball winning midfielder and cover in defence – all areas that were successfully covered in the transfer market.

Now despite the fact Mourinho has been with United 12-months less than Klopp has at Liverpool, he looks 12-months ahead of the German. The same could also be said of Pep Guardiola – after one full season he made it clear what was needed in the transfer window, and they acted – improving the major issue they had, in defence.

United will be challenging for the league title, indeed they may be the only true challengers to City – Liverpool’s sole realistic aim is to finish in the top-four again, but the chances of that do not look great with Chelsea and Tottenham both looking much more likely.

The thing with Liverpool and Klopp is, they are currently going backwards. His belief that they are title challengers is misguided at best. The fans are not stupid, especially Liverpool’s – they can see the issues.

It is almost reminiscent of Arsene Wenger – his refusal to sign a new goalkeeper, or improve the central defence to the required standard. His failure to make sure the squad is improved on last season.

Liverpool’s owners FSG – who themselves are coming in for criticism from sections of the home support – have provided the funds for Klopp, and whilst clearly he is loyal to his players, if they are not good enough then you have to make changes and it is this reluctance that could cost them.

Klopp now has to salvage Liverpool’s season – and if he doesn’t, does he deserve a fourth year? Probably not.

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