Spurs have achieved nothing – White Hart Lane memories

So Chelsea won the title after Tottenham failed to push them to the end, but I hear so many plaudits for Spurs as if they have won something.

Now they have done very well – but for me I was brought up on first, winning the gold – nobody remembers silver and bronze, finishing as they have done now – from my old head, finishing second, what is that? That is nothing.

I also hear people are so keen on them keeping all the players, keeping this squad together – why? They finished second, and that should not be good enough, they need better players to finish first.

You can look at it that they nearly got there, but nobody remembers nearly – that is nowhere.

“I look back on our Palace days, we finished third and got nothing for it – but that is how it should be, so all this talk of top-four and people celebrating that is ridiculous”

I look back on our Palace days, we finished third and got nothing for it – but that is how it should be, so all this talk of top-four and people celebrating that is ridiculous.

The game has changed, and I appreciate that – but second is nothing, getting in the Champions League – so what?

And now there is this talk about Spurs having to hold on to all these players – but why? What have they done, they have achieved nothing for me.

I am a great believer in life that things change, for a club to evolve you do have to have changes – Danny Blanchflower isn’t still at Spurs, Jimmy Greaves isn’t still playing for Tottenham – things change and you have to move on.

You here the calls to keep Harry Kane and Dele Alli for instance but three years ago nobody was talking about them, one of them was going on-loan all over the country and the other was playing in League 1 – which shows you can find those players – so if you can get £80million or £90million for them, you have to take it – I believe that is the case.

And Spurs said farewell to White Hart Lane, and well for me it doesn’t really hold that many great memories – from when I was playing for them anyway.

I had more success playing against them, that is why they bought me but I didn’t perform when I was there. Obviously I always enjoyed the stadium, growing up it is one of the stadiums that you dream about growing up being from London.

To be honest I know I went to Spurs four-years too late, they were originally going to buy me from Aston Villa at the same time they bought Paul Gascoigne and Paul Stewart. I had played for England Under-21s and there was me, Stewart and Gazza and they came in for me when we had been promoted but Graham Taylor would not sell me – so when I did go for me I think it was four-years too late.

Spurs now go to Wembley and it will be a privilege for Spurs to play every other week, they will get inspired playing there. Everyone saying what will happen about other teams raising their games, but these are quality players in control and why should they listen to outside forces saying that other teams will be better coming to play for them – this is Wembley and it won’t be like the Champions League as those games were spread out over a longer time, they will get used to it.

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