Suarez sours everything Barcelona do

Barcelona’s comeback against Paris Saint Germain was a joy to behold last week, but just like with everything that Luis Suarez is involved with, it left a bitter taste in the mouth.

Now let’s get this right, Luis Suarez is one of the most gifted footballers I have ever seen, brilliant player – not just a finisher but one who works hard and as much skill as any of the world’s top players.

But, and this is a huge but, he just can’t stop cheating – constant cheating and the most annoying thing about him, is that he doesn’t need to do it – but he does and watching his antics turns your stomach.

Let’s got back to last week – the scene is set with Barca coming from behind to claim an unprecedented European victory winning 6-1. And as with every Barcelona match and Luis Suarez, we saw the good and bad. He grabbed the first goal, and showed glimpses of brilliance.

But then we came to the penalty which levelled the scores on aggregate with Neymar slotting home – replays were quick to show a Suarez dive, going down as if Marquinhos had slashed his throat as he grabbed his neck, which was enough to get the decision – just pure nonsense – although would we expect anything else from a proven cheat? No, not really. He had already been booked in the game for a blatant dive.

Luis Suarez – RealTime Images

And yes, Suarez is not going to change – English football didn’t change him so he is hardly going to be sanctioned further in La Liga – but even by Spanish standards the Uruguayan is at the top of his class when it comes to the dark arts.

Although a brilliant career, it has been blighted by self inflicted controversy throughout. Before he moved to Europe when aged 16, he was red carded for head-butting a referee.

At Ajax we had the first of three different biting incidents – THREE! All taking place on the pitch. Further ones followed for Liverpool and most famously for Uruguay in the World Cup against Italy. All disgusting actions and all of which never seemed to impact on him. Although granted the four-month ban from all football related activities by FIFA has seemingly done something as he has not bitten any other player for three years now, so well done for that Luis.

And what about the World Cup in 2010 – his deliberate handball against Ghana, which helped Uruguay into the semi-finals – called a ‘villain’ by opposition coach Milovan Rajevac – Suarez even said afterwards: “I made the save of the tournament.”

It is just a shame that Suarez continues to do what he does, he should be an inspiration, a role model – but then again he is…you can show Suarez’s antics to any young player growing up and make it clear that is NOT how you act, you don’t need to do it and you shouldn’t do it – but should you have to hammer home to someone that it isn’t right to cheat?

So as good as Suarez is, his career will always be tarnished – and rightfully so, if you can’t stop cheating.


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