You have to keep Zlatan!

I had the privilege of being at the EFL Cup final last weekend with Manchester United taking the win and Zlatan Ibrahimovic stealing the show.

There are some questions of whether United will be keeping him, but for me I don’t see how they won’t keep him.

“From what I have seen of him, he is a consummate, ultimate professional”

From what I have seen of him, he is a consummate, ultimate professional – he looks after himself, he is an athlete, he is strong in heart and mind, and every Premier League club will be thinking why we didn’t try for him but I think he needed the Manchester United thing and he has repaid than so many times over but I think he could be like Francesco Totti playing until he is 40 easily.

I would want him in my dressing room, he is such a professional and is very much the real deal.


He is the classic example of European professional who looks after himself, fair enough in the other leagues they may not play as much as we do here but they are all tough leagues and he is just someone who has dedicated himself to his profession and that is what you get if you dedicate yourself.

People makes comparisons to Eric Cantona and I hate that, they are both unique geniuses and you should celebrate Zlatan in his own right.

Manchester United’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates scoring – RealTime Images

People always have a picture of him being arrogant, but he has been an absolute delight to deal with – he shows you respect and you give him it back, he is fantastic and a great ambassador not just for Manchester United but in football general and any kid should take a close look at him.

And being at Wembley I had the chance to see Jose claim his first trophy with United, and that was great to see and I really think it could be the first of many.

Jose has done this everywhere he has been, wins trophies, hardly loses finals – they are going great guns. It is probably too much to win the league but they could easily do a treble.

They were not the best side at Wembley but they still won and that is alll about mentaiolity and attitude and that desire to win.

Why should this not be the start of a new era? If anyone is going to get them winning again on a regular basis it is going to be Jose Mourinho.

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