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Following a previous article about what betting trading is, I thought it’d be good to go a little deeper on why it’s a better option than straight betting.

It’s a matter of opinion, but hopefully, by the end of this post I’ll have managed to sway yours. And increased your chances of winning…

Your Chances of Winning

Overall, your chances of winning are dramatically increased. Why? Because you only have to be partially right to win.

Yes, you read that right.

When it comes to striking a straight bet, you need to predict the total outcome. Usually over an extended period of time. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out that; it’s a lot easier to predict a short-term result than a long-term one. There’s less variables, right?

Just think to a football match or a horse race. It’s far easier to predict a goal is imminent soon, (especially when one team is consistently firing shots on target) than it is to select the final outcome over a 90 minute game, where, anything could happen.

Similarly; would you rather lay on a horse to win a 3 mile hurdles race, or just bet on it after it clumped three fences in a row? I know what I’d rather do.

But it gets better…

Betting Market Behaviour

It’s not all about increasing your chances of winning, scooping some tax-free cash or even scaling up the stakes when you become successful.

Betting markets regularly exhibit routine behaviour. They have to, which presents an opportunity in itself. If you’ve even looked at what credible traders have to say, you’ll know; it’s not always about predicting the right outcome. These patterns within a betting market offer what is commonly known as an ‘edge’ to traders.

When you have a successful edge, to one degree or another, it’s like printing money.

For example; if you’ve come across matched betting before then you’ll know the bonuses offered by bookmakers is a matched-bettors ‘edge’. For traders it’s quite similar, but without the bonus.

For example: 10 minutes before a football match is due to start, their key striker is removed from the line-up. That’s likely to effect the price! And so the trader will have an ‘edge’ over the betting market, all-be-it for a limited time.

Unlimited Opportunity

It’s also important to note; if you’re successful in your straight betting. A bookmaker won’t tolerate that. It won’t be all that long until they shut your account or restrict betting stakes.

That sucks, I know. I made several YouTube clips about it. In most cases, if you’re beating their pricing the account will last a handful of bets. When it comes to trading however, everything is done on the exchange. All under one roof as it were.

The downside being successful traders pay an additional charge to Betfair for winning so much. But it’s a nice problem to have. And in any case, there are other alternative exchanges like Betdaq and Matchbook.

So that’s my take on trading v’s outright betting!

You can get more information from Caan on his own website.

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